The Association will be present at Accadueo 2018 with a collective exhibition in Pav. 22 and a conference organized by the Water Task Force of the Telecontrol Group focused on the importance of technology as an indispensable factor for the reorganization and efficiency improvement of the national water system. The conference entitled “Technology and skills at the service of the networks: how to respond to the challenges of today and tomorrow” will be held on Thursday 18 October at 9.30 am at the Sala C Innovazione (Hall 18) of the Exhibition Center. The event received the recognition of 3 Professional Training Credits by the National Council of Engineers. Through the memories presented, we want to make all interested organizations understand how technological innovation, the integration of systems and the ability to adapt to changes taking place in the market – specific characteristics of companies belonging to the Telecontrol Group – can represent a new way to guarantee the efficiency of the service. The event will conclude with the intervention of a representative of Arera, the Regulatory Authority for Energy Networks and the Environment.

A.T.I. srl will participate in the conference with a memo on “SCADA and IoT Systems: convergence and applications.” presented by Ing. Elisabetta Giusti (A.T.I. Srl / AC.MO Spa). Participation in the event is free upon registration on the website

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