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We connect plants to people



We take care of the design and manufacturing of the entire chain necessary to monitor, manage and automate the operating status of the plants.

Technological chain made of PLANTS ORIENTED solutions  to control and connect field systems and PEOPLE ORIENTED  to provide a control and data analysis interface.

Plants Oriented Solutions

It is the chain of all the equipment and technologies necessary to connect the controlled processes with the data acquisition and transmission systems. An indispensable set of solutions for transferring data to and from the field: from measurement systems to actuators, from RTU devices to cabinets and cabling. Not just components, but a solution to manage the complexity of sites, plants and territories.

People Oriented Solutions

Powered by the plant oriented layers through the communication network, these are the applications used by the Operators: supervision and control interfaces, data analysis and reporting, dynamic dashboards and KPIs, georeferencing and event analysis. But also interoperability with other ICT systems, to enhance the capital of information produced by remote control. Finally, assistance and maintenance services to ensure efficiency and continuity of operation.


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T: +39 0571 944664

Address - operational headquarters

Via Volontari della Liberta', 54/56, 50053 Empoli FI - ITALY

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